Some articles that might be of interest to faculty.

Stoichiometry Without Tears

  • An article from Chemical Engineering Education offering suggestions for using active learning to teach the stoichiometry course.

Knowledge Structure of the Stoichiometry Course

  • Annotated concept maps for the content of the standard stoichiometry course.

A Student-Centered Approach to Teaching Material and Energy Balances

  • A two-part series in Chemical Engineering Education written by Lisa Bullard and Richard Felder on an implementation of the stoichiometry course that made extensive use of active and cooperative methods.¬†Part 1. Course Design¬†describes the course structure and policies, assignments, and teaching assistant preparation, and Part 2. Course Delivery and Assessment¬†outlines the first week of the course, how active, cooperative, and inquiry-based learning and instructional technology were used, and how the course was assessed and evaluated.